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Nowadays inclusivity is more than a trend. Consumers are demanding a bigger diversity when it comes to clothing options. And businesses are now adapting to meet their expectations. Inclusivity has become crucial when it comes to shapewear sizing.

Nowadays, offering a wide range of wholesale shapewear sizes can impact brand loyalty as well as customer satisfaction. We want to explore the reasons why size inclusivity has become essential in shapewear and how brands are now ensuring that they are meeting the diverse needs of their customers.

Inclusive shapewear sizing and its importance

We have to start by the fact that there’s body diversity. Our human body comes in a huge array of sizes and shapes. And it’s well known that the traditional sizing wouldn’t accommodate this diversity. And eventually there would be many many potential customers unattended or excluded. 

When brands offer a bigger and more inclusive size range, they are ensuring to cater to the different body types and are also promoting body positivity and inclusivity. 

Also, when customers find products that will fit them well, like wholesale waist trainers, they are most likely to return. Shapewear should fit precisely to be effective, while enhancing the body shape and providing support. 

When brands start offering wider size ranges, this will open more market opportunities for them. For example, plus size consumers, who have been neglected by brands for so many years. This can boost their sales and their market share, as this is a growing market segment. 

Nowadays brands that promote diversity and inclusivity tend to have a more favorable view. Offering a wider size range can enhance the reputation as inclusive and customer focused. This will also attract positive attention. 

Some strategies to offer a more inclusive shapewear size range 

One of the first things to do is to do extensive market research. It is crucial to understand the needs and preferences of the diverse body types. You can conduct focus groups, market analysis and surveys to gather insights. This will tell you what customers want and need from shapewear. This is also important information that can serve for sizing and product design decisions. 

You can also collaborate with experts. Make sure you are working with plus-size models, fashion designers and even advocates for body positivity. This will help develop shapewear that meets the needs of all the customers. Their knowledge can provide valuable insights into creating more inclusive and effective products.

When it comes to promoting your shapewear range, do it with inclusive marketing campaigns. Try and hire models of different ethnic backgrounds, sizes and shapes. This will show that your brand really offers something to everyone. This will not only attract a broader audience but it will reinforce your commitment to inclusivity. 

As a brand you should invest in new innovative design techniques and materials. They should offer adaptability and flexibility. If your shapewear pieces use breathable and stretchable fabrics, they will provide an inclusive fit and more comfort. Some adjustable and removable features can also help the pieces to accommodate various body shapes. 

Always encourage your customers to provide feedback on your products. Then use this information to make more improvements. When customers feel valued and heard they will become loyal to the brand. Also make sure to regularly, refine and update your size range based on this feedback. This will ensure that you always meet the evolving needs of your customers. 

The future of sizing 

The demand for inclusivity will keep growing. The future of sizing will lie on technology. Advances like 3D body scanning and AI can help create customized shapewear. These will fit each individual body shape perfectly. They will provide detailed measurements and insights. This will allow votando to offer made-to-measure products in a much larger scale.


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